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Rajo's Guns was opened in October 1952 by Ray "Rajo" Diekmann to meet a need in the Evansville, Indiana area. At the time, the closest place for reloading supplies was 30 miles away, so Ray turned a personal hobby into a business. Over time, this small niche business turned into a full-time family business. Although the store has moved several times throughout the past 55 years, it has always been located on Evansville's west-side and is a well-known establishment in the community.

Rajo's current owner, Stan Diekmann started working at age 12 and was trained and mentored by his father, Ray. Besides being an avid hunter and sports shooter, Stan's experience includes:

Timothy Diekmann is Rajo's primary sales professional. Besides having seven years of retail sales experience, Timothy is also an avid hunter and fisherman. His experience includes:

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